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A Little bit about me .

Hello folks, well here I go again, talking about myself, who would have believed it, not me for sure. But I do have to tell you that as the time has moved on, I think I am getting the hang of it now.

So what can I tell you that will make you want to read on further?

Well the thing that means the most to me in the whole world is my family. Husband, brother and sisters, mother and father, nieces and nephews, aunties and uncles, cousins and well the list goes on, as I now have a great niece too (and of course my beautiful rescued staffie Sasha).  And of course all my friends mean the world too me to, I love them all.

 So now to tell you what can I tell you about myself? I think the first thing to tell you is that I love creating things. I have had a very inspirational and cultivated childhood. With practical creative techniques always being nurtured and developed with the help of the grownups in the family.

I have written it like that because, as well as having incredibly intelligent parents, who just seemed to have an answer to any questions that were thrown at them during my childhood ( and still do to this day) my grandmother also lived with use through the whole of my childhood through to me being in my early 20’s. So she was always there to help too.

So me, and my sisters and brother had the luxury of spending many many hours with a grandma, who was able to pass on her knowledge of sewing and knitting (mainly), and any other ‘crafty’ skills she had, while my parents made sure we all had a very happy, loving and safe childhood.

Sewing has always been my great passion, with knitting coming in second, and crotching which I have only just learnt (in a fashion) coming in third, but not in a last kind of way, because I just love the art of crotcheting (I think its great fun).

As a child I would say 60-70% of my clothing was ‘home made’, so right from the start I was always curious to how this was done. And by the age of about 8 or 9 I was a dab hand on my grandma’s semi industrial sewing machine (which I still have) making all sorts of things.

mum with her three little angels ha ha!

mummy with her three little angels ha ha! all in hand Knitted clothes .



And then there were four, our little brother X


sisters growing up, happy in each others company X

sisters growing up, happy in each others company X


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Showing my work to the public, some great days

As there are no more clothes to talk about and to show you, as I am nearing the end of my MA studies now. I thought you may like to see where I put my work on show for the public to have a look at, and have a chat with me at the same time. In retrospect I could have told you this beforehand, then if you had been interested in having a first-hand look at my work you could have come along and had a chat too.

Anyway unfortunately that didn’t happen, but I still had a great time talking to everyone that did come and have a look.

There were 3 main places that I showed some of my work, starting with the farmers’ market and craft fair at South Cave in East Yorkshire. I knew this wasn’t going to be a stressful event, so was really looking forward to it, nice and easy going, to get me into the hang of showing my work.

MA south cave 008         MA south cave 011


And then onto other farmers’ market in Derbyshire. Bakewell farmers’ market is one of the busiest in the Uk. So I Knew I might have a lot of differing comments about my work, so was ready for anything. What a great day, I talked to so many different people, who also had so many different stories to tell about pieces of their clothing, it was great.



And lastly but defiantly not leastly, I went up to Williams’ Wools in Kendal Cumbria to show some of my work. Ok I do have connections up there, as my beautiful sister Adrienne is the owner of this fantastic wool shop (you should go up there just to have a look at it, and maybe buy something). So my garment got pride of place in her window display.

MA KENDAL 020    MA KENDAL 017                     IMG_20140816_133344                   IMG_20140809_171540

I have had such a great time showing my work, and I just love the fact that just about everyone that looked at it , and I spoke to, also had a story of their own to tell about something they had worn, or kept because of the great memories tied to it. How about you, have you got any garments with memories.

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The last of my garments, The Lucky Riding Jacket

This garment has a connection with a mother and daughter and their time spent competing in the show ring with their horses.

Many memories are linked to this jacket, and this is why, even though it was never going to be worn again, the daughter couldn’t bear to part with it. So it was just stored way in a cupboard forgotten, and collecting dust, but never to be thrown away.

The transformation, changes that were made to the jacket were all representational of the 3day eventing that played such a big part in the mothers life, and subsequently in the daughters too.

The  original ‘Made in England Caldene Jacket’ has been transformed into a garment fit to be worn at any hunt ball, or any other occasion, it really has got a dramatic look now.


Mother’s Calden Riding Jacket 1999 before the transformation

MA PHoto SHoots 273

Daughters transformed jacket 2014

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The man’s Marks & Spencer’s Hawaiian Shirt

This garment and its story is linked by happy family times in the sun. The family connection is with a wife and her husband, and the shirt being part of the family summers, and nick-named ‘the Hawaiian’ shirt.

Bought in August 1991 for a family holiday, it had been part of every holiday since then, and to the wife it is classed as a family treasure. But over the past few years it has been worn less and less, and has spent most of its days in the darkness of the wardrobe, that is until now. It has been transformed into a wrap around skirt, representational of the husbands arms wrapped around his family.

There was so much fabric in the mans shirt that I was able to pleat a lot of it , fanning them out to represent the rays of the sun ,as this was when the shirt was mainly worn , on beautiful hot sunny days.

M&S 1990's Man's Summer Shirt before the transformation

M&S 1990’s Man’s Summer Shirt before the transformation

MA SHIRTS Jess - Katie 141

The new transformed garment, the wife’s wrap around skirt 2014

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Another special garment loved by the daughter

Hi again, I’m on a bit of a roll now, so please let me show you another one of the lovely garments that I transformed for my MA project.

This one belongs to a mother and daughter union, and is kind of referred to (by me anyway) as the surprise top. As when reading the story that came with it written by the daughter, and why she has such fond memories of it, surprise is one of the key feelings she remembered.

 The mother bought it back in 1977 when the daughter was only 7 years old, and yet the daughter can still remember to this day, how she felt the first time when she saw her mother in the colourful red top.

Her mother always wore black and tried to stay in the background, and there she was the centre of attention in a newly bought red top.

Mums colourful top 1997 before the transformation

Mums colourful top 1997 before the transformation

The daughters transformed top 2014

The daughters transformed top 2014


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Some more transformed garments

Hi everyone I’m back. yes I know there has been a little bit of a delay, but that’s in the past, and like I say I am here now, so let me show you some more garments from my MA project.

The first one is a father and daughter connection, with the original garment being kept safe by the daughter right back from 1979. The shirt was purchased from a catalogue, which in those days so many things were. And the second picture is of the garment as it is now. it has been changed with the use of pleats, darts and tucks. Making it a much more figure hugging garment.

MA PHoto SHoots KT

Daughters transformed top 2014


Dad's 1970's Louis Philippe shirt

Dad’s 1970’s Louis Philippe shirt


My MA Project First Two Garments

The first two garments that I changed; transformed, re-designed for my project were both wedding outfits, (this was purely by chance by the way). One a traditional “white wedding dress”, and the other a much more practical wedding outfit, an outfit that could be worn again on many other occasions.
Although the wedding outfits could be classed as being at either end of the spectrum in relation to design and practicality, they are both as important to each of the families that they belong to.
The blue and white outfit is a1980’s Berkertex polyester satin creation, with a pleated peplum to the top, matching belt, and a pencil skirt with a centre back kick vent (all very smart and all very shiny!) and the layered, white nylon lace dress also an 80’s piece have been dramatically changed.
Both wedding outfits have been lovingly handed down from mother to daughter, but in both occasions the daughters felt they would never wear the outfits, ever, as they originally were, but would also never be able to part with them.
So here are my solutions to the wear-ability of the garments and bringing them up to date.

1980's Berkertex polyester satin two-piece 'occasions' outfit

1980’s Berkertex polyester satin two-piece ‘occasions’ outfit

2014 reverse satin draped dress

2014 reverse satin draped dress

1983 white lace wedding dress

1983 white lace wedding dress

2014 white lace ‘retro’ style dress